Homework: June 3rd 2013

Please don’t forget your 200 word essay, lose paper, hand written.

It was due THURSDAY JUNE 6th, however due to to the ENLACE test, I expect it to be handed in on FRIDAY JUNE 7TH!!!


Please make sure you hand it in, we have our exam on Monday June 10th and I need your homework graded by then.

Oh look! a baby Tasmanian Devil!



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Next Presentation!

I want to give you some pointers on what I will be looking for in regards to historical context, of course you may add your own to get the best grade possible:

-Politics ( what was going on at that time, was the country at war? were they recently invaded? were people happy with their president/king/dictator…lol)

-Inventions ( What were the newest inventions at that time?)

-Clothing (how did rich people dress, how did poor people dress?)

-Food ( what did those people eat, how was it cooked, what were their kitchens like?)

-Money ( what was their currency like? how much did things cost?)

-Music (What were people listening to at that time? what were their dances like?)

-Fads and trends ( just like now the trend is for women to wear ugly extra long finger nails with crystal stones on them ( ughhh!) what were common trends in those times?)

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NOT HOMEWORK but BIG announcement!

Get ready for the big expo!

Don’t forget it’s coming somewhere in June, first, maybe second week…BEE PREPARED!

…wait… that was the spelling bee… right? The thing with BEE instead of be….My bad, ok,

Remember it has to be a person who has changed the lives of their country or the world, a scientist, a famous writer…


Look at other people’s presentations on you tube, ask for help/advice with other teachers!


I am looking forward to seeing your projects,



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Homework: Monday April 22nd, 2013

Hey guys. did you finish your work??? nooooo???? what????

ok so you MUST finish it as homework, need I remind you it’s Authors in Depth, pages 143 and 149


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Homework: Monday April 22nd, 2013

Look up an extraordinary person who is REAL, LIVING AND NOT YOUR FAMILY MEMBER

Write a 350 word essay on what this person does, what makes him extraordinary, why do we need more people like him/her, and what can you do to be a little bit like him/her.

Homework is to be handed in on loose paper and is due Monday April 29th, 2013.

I suggest you take a look at CNN Heroes.  ( that’s right boys and girls, click the link)

By the way, this is MY PERSONAL HERO… I always cry when I watch him get his award

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Homework: Thursday April 11th, 2013

Dear students: YOU ROCK!

Please don’t forget to finish your Mark Twain assignment ( page 129, Critical Thinking, number 3: Look up the California Gold Rush in a history book , or internet, compare Twain’s account with the historical one)


Write a 350 word research report about any theme you want.

The report must contain bibliography like the one suggested on your student book, page 200.


Please note that copy-pasting will NOT be tolerated and will result in a BIG FAT ZERO ( you don’t want this, trust me, I’m a doctor).

Homework is to be handed in on lose paper, and is due Tuesday April 16th.

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I troll U

photo (3)

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